100 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Ananda Yoga Shala invites those who want to emerge one-selves into the world’s capital of yoga, Rishikesh, India. And those who want to learn more about Hatha Yoga with Hatha Alignment method technigue of Verbal and Hands-on Adjustment to join us in the period of 14-27 February, 2017

“100 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training” with Yoga Alliance Certification

14 Feb 2017: Opening Ceremony and evening class meditation .
15 – 28 Feb 2017
6:30-7:45 : Pranyama
8:00-10:00: Ashtanga Vinyasa Session
10.00-12.00: Breakfast and free time
12.00-13.00: Yoga Philosophy Lecture/ Ayurveda Lecture
13.00-14.30: Art of Adjustment and Correct Body Alignment
14.30-17.00: Free rest time / free shopping time for yoga props
17.00-18.30: Hatha and Hatha Alignment yoga session
19.00-19.45: Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Mantra
Every Sunday Shatkarma and sights seeing.
Remark*** : every another day, students will have Hatha- Hatha Alignment Yoga session and Ayurveda treatments (2 hours each session)
Session 1 and 5 (16 and 24 Feb 2017) :
Full Treatment pack (Abhayanga+Shirodahra+Steam.-whole body oil massage with Himalayan herbs relaxes heal and rejuvenates the body. Herbal oil drop third eye for insomnia better focus relaxes mind and connects body mind and soul. Steam purifies the body with herbal sweating.
Session 2 (18 Feb 2017): Senses cleans Pack- Specific Ayurveda ways to clean our sense of perception exfoliation with Himalayan herbal powders on skin to improve beauty and circulation of blood and reduction of fatty tissues below skin.eyes clean with medicinal butter for better seeing and relaxation of eyes,nasal drops help to clean sinuses and improve sense of smelling.ear drops help to clean wax &abetted hearing.
Session 3 (20 Feb 2017): Abhayanga + Refleoxology -whole body massage with Ayurvedic oil and acupressure reflexology on sole to relax whole body and mind and enhances immunity.
Session 4 (22 Feb 2017): Abhayanga + Pinda Swedana-whole body massage with Ayurvedic oil and Pinda Swedana massages done with bags of herbs specially prepared according to the necessities of the person and is a very good pain killer and rejuvenator of the joints of the body
Course Fee: 700 US$ (with accommodation+all 5 sessions of Ayurveda treatment)

For Further information, please contact Anup Gupta https://www.facebook.com/anup.gupta.752 /or Thitaree Chaiyasate
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