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Seven Yoga and Anup Gupta invite those who want to go deeper in to alignment and asana to join “Alignment & Energy in Yoga Asana Workshop”
DATE: 10-11 September 2016
Why Hatha Yoga Alignment?
“Hatha yoga uses alignment to create an inward direction for the mind. Yoga asana is used for the mind to focus on the body to learn how to act in the body from the mind and intelligence. With alignment we build and structure the body, developing health decreasing aging and increasing energy. Alignment in this manner builds a bridge between body mind and intelligence helping to illuminate the deeper processes of conscious living.”
This workshop is the best joined in its entirety as a complete and comprehensive workshop that builds from start to finish so that you achieve the inclusive and embracing wonder of yoga.

Session descriptions:Session 1:
Date 10 September 2016 Time: 9.00-11.30 hrs.
Refining standing poses and Forward bends:
Standing poses work directly to strengthen and consolidate the feet, knees and hips; whereas, alignment in Yoga asana is to develop the inner focus of the mind to gain precision and maximum benefit from asana practice.
Forward bends: calming the nervous system
Forward bend soothes the nervous system yet strengthen the legs and hip and help to bring skill to the body mind and intelligence. This skillful coordination helps us to develop a deeper understanding required for more advance practices. For all level of practitioners, and yoga teachers

Session 2:
Date: 10 September 2016 Time: 14.00 – 16.30 hrs.
Arm Balances:
Have you ever wanted to work on your arm balance postures in a way that will get you closer then you’ve ever gotten before (or help you get stronger and more stable if you already have an arm balancing practice)? Anup Gupta has an uncanny ability to break down the anatomy of each posture, build the strength and structure in your body parts required for each one, and then safely and effective get you into poses you never thought you could. You will build strength, a deeper understanding of alignment and technique, and will most definitely surprise yourself! For all level of practitioners, and yoga teachers

Session 3:
Date: 11 September 2016 Time: 9.00-11.30 hrs.
Back bends
Regular back bending practice offers a boosting and refreshing energy that is not gained from other practices. Back bends do not need to be difficult now hard work. Alignment and refreshing in practice will take effort and bewilderment away from back beds and bring a sense of confidence and ease when practicing back bends.

Session 4: Date: 11 September 2016 Time: 14.00 – 16.30 hrs.
Inversions differentiate hatha yoga from other physical disciplines:
Psychologically, they let us see things from an alternate perspective (“turning our world upside down”).
Emotionally, they lead the energy of the pelvis (the energy of creation and personal power) toward the heart center, allowing us to have self-exploration and inner growth.
Physically, they help stimulating the immune and endocrine systems, thereby energizing and nourishing the brain and the organs. In this workshop we will explore systematic, safe, step-by-step techniques for practicing headstand and handstand moving gradually and safely through every stage.

Venue: The Seven Yoga, Vibhavadee 48 Bangkok
Price per one session (2.5 hours): 1200 Baht
Price for 4 sessions: 4500 Baht
please contact: Thitaree Chaiyasate , Suminta Supaphon
limited seats!!! 25 only!

— with Thitaree Chaiyasate,
Suminta Supaphon

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