International Teaching – Thailand


          Traditional Hatha Yoga training focuses on balancing meditative movements, breath awareness, and exploring the full potential of each posture. This enables students to infuse their physical Asana Practice with a deeper sense of connection. Explanations, modifications, and hands-on adjustments are offered throughout, helping every practitioner achieve their full potential.

– Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series (Mysore) –

          The Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series begins with verbal instructions. Guidance, explanations and hands-on adjustments are offered throughout the class, providing each student the space & opportunity  to deepen their practice and understanding of the relationship between each Asana in the Sequence.

– Pranayama –

          Pranayama classes offer students the chance to explore a variety of breath-control methods; including alternate nostril breathing (nadi shodana), breath of fire (kapalabhati), and breath retention (kumbhaka). Minimal verbal instructions are given, to help each student develop a deeper meditative state.

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