Our Teachers

Master Anup Gupta ,

Founder of Ananda Yoga Shala

Master Anup Gupta born in 1982 in Rishikesh (Uttarakhand).  He started his Yoga journey in the very early age in his childhood.

                        He started practicing yoga in 1999 at Shivanand Ashram in Rishikesh. His first yoga teacher was Shri Upendra ji , who was his best friend too. After that he travelled all over the Himalayan to learn different yoga tactics by different different Yoga Masters.

                   Now Master Anup has cleared his vision that his field of interest and passion are in Hatha Alignment , Art of Adjustment and Ashtanga Vinyasa.

                    Well known to his area of expertise and uplifted positive energy, he accepted invititions to teach yoga in Russia in 2010, China and Thailand in 2011, Kazaksthan in 2012. Since then he is invited every year to teach yoga in Japan and Thailand.

     His philosphy is “Yoga is for learning not for doing“.

Manisha Gupta ,

Pranayama Teacher

    Manisha Gupta born and brought up in Moradabad.  She is very energetic and positive lady since childhood.  She did her Post-graduation in MBA from Moradabad.
     Since childhood she was devoted to Shiva and this devotion and her fate took her to Rishikesh. She married to Master Anup Gupta.
         she completed her Masters in Yoga from Sans.. Along with her Yoga studies she started teaching Pranayama in Ananda Yoga Shala.
        She is very kind and keen personality and very honest to her Yoga Students.

        She believe in perfection .

        Her Philosophy is “Yoga is a way of life, remove all the negative vibes and be the source of positiveness“.

Yogi Ram ji,


Yogi Ram was born in the Indian South East State of Odissa. He comes from a family with a long Ayurveda and yoga tradition.Started learning yoga from his grand father at the age of thirteen in the village of Amamunda where he lived in the age of 17. Later on he became a student of Economics and History in Gangadhar Meher College in Odissa. During his stay at the college he never missed any satsanga in the Sambalpur city, an ancient city where many sages use to come.During this period once he attended the satsanga of Swami Chidananda (Disciple of Swami Shivananda of Rishikesh). This encounter changed his mind and life. After that he experienced spiritual awakening started intense spiritual practice. After finished the university and holding the degree of Bachelor of Arts he qualified for an administrative job in Odissa government. Because of his deep interest in spirituality in 1998 left Odissa came to the bank of Ganga in Rishikesh. In Rishikesh first he went to Shivananda ashram where he did the yoga course. After this course he meet Swami Vigyanananda from Yoga Niketan with whom he went deeper in the study of Yoga Sutra, Geeta, Hatha yoga and meditation. After this period he spent some years doing sadhana in Swarg Ashram and went to some Himalayan caves for perfection of his spiritual practice. Since then he has been teaching in Rishikesh last 22 years guiding his students from all over the world

swami Shivabhrahmananda ji,

Yoga Philosophy Teacher

        Swami Shivabrahmananda Saraswati is a Sanyasi who, at the young age of 19, chose to renounce the materialistic world vowing to devote his life towards mastering spiritual knowledge.

   He is well versed in Yoga Philosophy based on Vedanta, Patanjali Yoga Sutra and the Bhagwad Gita. He performed a rigorous penance on the banks of River Narmada that lasted for three years.

     From 2003 to 2006, he enrolled into Arsha Vidya Peetham in Rishikesh to complete the three year Vedanta course conducted by Dayananda Ashram.

     He was later sent to the tribal belt in Madhya Pradesh and in Himalayas by Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati, where he established a Students’ Homes, which he managed for nine years.

       He has also accomplished YTTC from Shivananda Yoga, Nayyar Dam (Kerala). He teaches Yoga Philosophy in Rishikesh at the moment.

Yogi Harmindar ji,


Yogi Harmindra Ji is enthusiastic towards spreading knowledge with honor to yoga and other fields like motionless life disorder, posture imbalance, and physical therapy.

                  Being registered as a 500 Registered Yoga Teacher(RYT),He is our Anatomy and Physiology Teacher. He has done Masters in Yoga from one of the most famous University called as Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar near Rishikesh. He has experience in the various aspect of Yoga Therapy and Anatomy. Being a Rishikesh local, he has been practicing yoga since childhood and teaching for more than 6 years. He has always found the system and structure of the body captivating while doing pranayama and asanas.

         Yogi Harmindra Singh ji is devoted to sharing his knowledge with aspirants.

Yogi aman gupta,

Assistant Teacher

Aman Gupta is a highly skilled Yoga Instructor and Therapist from Rishikesh. He began Yoga in childhood and earned his Masters Degree of Yogic Science from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University, plus Certification in Yoga & Alternative Therapy from Yoga Dev Sanskriti University.

        A Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher, and featured at Rishikesh’s famed ‘International Yoga Festival’, Aman shares the knowledge of Hatha, Astanga, Vinyasa, Acro Yoga, and Yoga Therapy he’s learned from his Guru, with aspiring yogi’s worldwide.

Yogi rahul john,

Assistant Teacher

        Yogi Rahul ji born and raised city of yogis of rishikesh. He is well known and experienced teacher of Ashtanga & Hatha yoga  .

              He strongly believe yoga can be understand only if one is ready to accept the discipline rules and regulations one needs to practice and only when those are fulfilled one can experience the benefits of yoga in their life.

         He enjoys sharing Ashtanga & Hatha yoga with his students and he always gives  100% of his attention and focus to the Yoga aspirants.

            His phillosphy is “Don’t think anything is impossible , everything is possbllie by GOD GRACE” .