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Our students are at the heart of our mission, and their experiences speak volumes about the transformative power of our services. Take a moment to immerse yourself in the heartfelt words of our yoga family, as they share their journeys of self-discovery, wellness, and growth through the Ananda Yoga Shala experience. These testimonials are a testament to the dedication and passion that we pour into our yoga training, retreats, and workshops, and we’re honored to have played a role in these inspiring stories of personal transformation.

Ananda yoga shala by Anup Gupta is a nice place to explore about yoga. Love Anup's approach and the way he sees yoga. He is constantly looking for different way to improve and sharing his experience on body alignment. I've learnt and discovered many new muscles engagement in my two weeks training with him. It have changed and improved the way I move my body. I've made many new friendships with many people and wishing I have spent more time there.

Faye Hollands

Anup Gupta is not just another yoga teacher. He is the dedicated yoga teacher who understand how to teach and inspire his students. He brings good energy and encouraging vibe to his class. He has led my yoga path in such a dedicated and beautiful way. I have learnt a lot from his humble approach, respect and love for yoga. I would always be grateful to him. 🙂

Than Haritphisut

Thank you Anup-ji (Anup Gupta) for the wonderful 100-hr teacher training session last February. The hands-on adjustment class was mostly spoken of as a favorite class. Apparently, there is a hundred techniques for either assisting students to get into asanas or adjusting them proper alignment. Interestingly, the key of Anup’s techniques is all (body adjusted) in one (time approaching), which I believe that made our teaching has greatly improved.

Dares Suracharoenpong

Anup is a great teacher, if you plan go to Rishikesh and get yoga classes, you should get classes with Anup at Ananda Yoga Shala.

Ricardo Santanna

We are having an excellent time with anup!!


I like that Anup Gupta's teaching style is different from others. He is a true giver. Teaches the essence of yoga Techniques for entering asanas to be deep and stable How to get out of the asana safely For anyone who is truly interested in yoga. Whether you're new to training or have been practicing for a long time I recommend the teacher "Anup Gupta".

Jiradach Boonplod

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